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Radio stations are free to use clips from any of the episodes below. Time codes and descriptions for each segment are listed in the show notes. 

A selection of fully produced segments are made available weekly on the "For Radio Stations" page at the K-State Research and Extension news page.

Captioned episodes are available on our Agriculture Today YouTube page.

Sep 30, 2019

• The weekly livestock market update

• Controlling woody species in pastures

• Agricultural news, and the latest “Tree Tales”

• The 2020 4-H International Youth Exchange…

00:01:30 – Livestock Market Update:  The senior economist with the Livestock Marketing Information Center, Jim Robb, provides this...

Sep 27, 2019

  • Grain prices and the new U.S.-Japan trade deal
  • Herbicide options for broadleaf crop weeds in the fall
  • Kansas weather

00:01:30 – Grain Market Update: K-State grain market economist Dan O'Brien comments on the impact of the new U.S.-Japan trade deal on the grain trades, with particular respect to wheat, and he talks...

Sep 26, 2019

Addressing corn stand lodging problems ahead of harvest

There’s still time to plant winter canola

Agricultural news, and the Kansas soybean update

Fall planting of landscape trees…

00:01:30 – Corn Stand Lodging Problems:  K-State row crop disease specialist Doug Jardine talks about why corn growers...

Sep 25, 2019

IN-DEPTH: Autumn Cow-Calf Herd Management

• Taking preventative measures against anaplasmosis

• Evaluating the body condition of cows

• Agricultural news headlines

• Gus van der Hoeven’s “Stop, Look and Listen…”

00:01:30 – Cow-Calf Herd Management:  A Beef Cattle Institute panel discussion featuring...

Sep 24, 2019

• The USDA Disaster Assistance Program is accepting applications

• The Kansas Conservation Tree Planting Program is taking orders

• The latest agricultural news, and the latest “Milk Lines”

• Wildlife and bird feeders…

00:01:30 – USDA Disaster Assistance:  The state executive director of the Farm Service...