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Radio stations are free to use clips from any of the episodes below. Time codes and descriptions for each segment are listed in the show notes. 

A selection of fully produced segments are made available weekly on the "For Radio Stations" page at the K-State Research and Extension news page.

Captioned episodes are available on our Agriculture Today YouTube page.

Jul 12, 2024

  • WASDE Report Expectations
  • KFMA Podcast: Retirement Accounts
  • Moisture in Kansas


00:01:05 – WASDE Report Expectations: Dan O’Brien, K-State grain economist, kicks off today’s show with th­is week’s grain market outlook. He explains the current market and the WASDE pre-report expectations.

Dan O'Brien on...

Jul 11, 2024

  • Kansas Wheat Harvest Final Update
  • Animal Health at County Fairs
  • Insects this Summer


00:01:05 – Kansas Wheat Harvest Final Update: Starting today's show is Marsha Boswell, vice president of communications for Kansas Wheat, with a­ wheat update for Kansas growers. She explains what people saw from their crop and...

Jul 10, 2024

  • FSA Emergency Loan Program
  • Grazing Cover Crops in No-Till Cropping Systems
  • When to Remove Bulls from Breeding


00:01:05 – FSA Emergency Loan Program: Kansas Farm Service Agency farm loan chief Josh Ridder begins today’s show by reminding listeners about the emergency loan program at FSA. He explains the...

Jul 9, 2024

  • Influences on Sudden Death Syndrome
  • Japanese Beetles, Burrowing Bugs and Grasshoppers in Fields
  • Dairy Prices for Producers vs Consumers


00:01:05 – Influences on Sudden Death Syndrome: Starting the show is K-State row crop plant pathologist Rodrigo Onofre and K-State PhD student in plant pathology Madison...

Jul 8, 2024

  • Cattle Trade Data
  • Soybean Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Packrats


00:01:05 – Cattle Trade Data: Kicking off the show is a cattle market update with Livestock Marketing Information Center agricultural economist Tyler Cozzens. He talks about the recently released trade data.


00:12:05 – Soybean Nutrient...